Stand Extensions

Increases the height of your meter. We recommend using this product so that cables don't become a problem when you attach your Laser Tracking system to our Heavy Duty Tripod.

Laptop Arm for Heavy Duty Stands

Laptop support arm for Heavy Duty Metrology Stands. It is suitable for laptops weighing up to 10kg. It gives you more flexibility when you make measurements on your Heavy Duty Metrology Stand.

Carrying Bags for Heavy Duty Tripods

Soft Heavy Duty Metrology Tripod Carrying Case. Soft Case helps you to protect your tripod. With its wheels, you can easily carry your tripod. Soft Case’s dimensions change according to your tripod type.

Wheels for Heavy Duty Tripods

Wheels are mounted to the lower legs of the heavy duty portable metrology tripods. They enable easy transportation of tripod and insturument on smooth surfaces.

3 Way Leveling

You can easily make horizontal fine leveling up to 10º with 3 Way Leveling Head. It allows correcting horizontal plan without acting on the legs height and without compromise...

Mounting Rings

Mounting Rings are available in 2 versions.

1) Yüksek iç merkezleme halkasına sahiptir. 
2) İç merkezleme halkası yoktur.

Point Feet for Heavy Duty Tripods

Point type stainless steel feet are available for Heavy Duty Metrology Tripods for uneven surfaces. They are easily interchangeable.