With its expert design engineer staff; Our goal is to produce permanent solutions, especially for the defense industry and industrial sector, with mechanical, electromechanical designs and our own product family.

With the power of CAD softwares, mechanical designs of projects and products are carried out in accordance with industrial and military standards and quality standards. We are constantly improving our mechanical design capabilities with new hardware and development environment investments, and we work for the most optimum result by following current technological developments.

With the awareness of localization, we are in a desire and effort to find the most suitable and innovative solution for every product and project that we are dependent on.

Projects designed and verified by analysis are made ready for production as a result of necessary controls, and both prototype and mass production can be carried out within our company. For the production processes (welding, sheet metal cutting-twisting, etc.) that are not among the capabilities of our company, we follow up by working with the main contractor approved companies.

CREO and NX SIEMENS are used as engineering software and structural, flow and thermal analyzes are performed upon request.