Electronic Design

We produce products and solutions using up-to-date technology with our team, which has experience in electronic hardware/software design and system engineering used in the defense industry and many industrial applications.

Electronic design activities carried out within our company:

  • Embedded software,
  • Interface designs,
  • Test system designs,
  • Wiring designs.

Mechanical Design

With the support of CAD software, mechanical designs are carried out in accordance with industrial and military standards and quality standards. We are constantly improving our mechanical design capabilities with new hardware and development environment investments, and we are constantly working for the most optimum solution by following the latest technological developments.


Structural and Flow Analysis

Structural and Flow Analysis, which has an important place in the project process, supports the design processes with our experienced engineer staff and our robust infrastructure that provides speed advantage.

Analyzes carried out within our company:

  • Static strength analysis,
  • Free vibration (modal) analyzes,
  • Forced vibration analyzes (harmonic, random)
  • Shock response analyses,
  • Dynamic life (fatigue) calculations and CFD (Openfoam).